Red Broadband Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless Broadband Solutions

Red Broadband currently provides reliable fixed wireless broadband internet to areas throughout Western Australia. We utilise OFDM carrier class technology which enables us to provide a reliable high speed internet connection to residential customers. We typically install towers within a town or region to provide the best coverage for that town where there is demand. This enables us to keep our contention ratios lower and provide the higher speeds to our customer base. Unlike mobile broadband our service provides a consistent speed and availability even during peak periods.

What Is Fixed Wireless Broadband?

Fixed wireless broadband is the method we use to supply internet services to our customers. The equipment provided by Red Broadband is installed at the customer premises on the roof and connects to one of our towers in the area. This equipment is typically a circular dish approximately 400mm in diameter and is professionally installed by our technicians. Fixed Wireless Broadband does not require a telephone line and does not use any of the existing ageing copper telecommunications infrastructure. 

Our Wireless Broadband Plans

Wimax Network

How does it work?

The equipment we use is installed on the client premises roof and once installed forms a direct connection to the Red Broadband tower. All of our towers are owned by Red Broadband, this allows us to provide granular control and monitoring over the equipment to ensure reliability. All equipment is installed by our technicians on the day and you will be online straight away.

Do I need a phone line?

One of the benefits of Fixed Wireless Broadband is that a traditional copper telephone line is not required. This means that we can provide higher speeds to you that exceed your current ADSL line speeds.

What Do I need?

In order to receive a wireless Broadband connection from Red Broadband, you will need to signup on our website. Once signed up we will check using our mapping software that you are within our coverage footprint and then organise a site survey to ensure that there is nothing that may cause the service to not work at your premises. If the site survey is succesful you will be installed straight away. You will need to be home for a site survey / installation to take place, we will liaise with you to arrange a suitable time during business hours for this to occur.

You are required to have an existing computer or laptop that has an ethernet port or alternatively you can choose to use an existing wireless router inside your premises to distribute the internet access. We then connect the modem to your computer or home/office network via an ethernet cable. 

Everything required to connect your premises to our network (based on standard installation practice) will be provided and installed by our technician on the day and is included in your setup fee. If we need to install a taller pole or extra cabling outside of the scope of the standard installation this may attract further setup charges which will be discussed with you prior to going ahead with the works.